Manufactory Capacity.

Trade Capacity

China Top 1 Capacity Ceramics facotry, The main products of Hualian ceramics are stoneware, porcelain, terracotta, pottery etc.

Production Capacity

We has been a famous brand and its products has been very popular in more than 100 countries, such as North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia.

Quality Control

We are working colsely with all the inspection and quarantine bureau across the world and welcome you notified any body of the inspection institution.

R&D Capacity

There are Above 50 People R&D Engineers, who are equipped with powerful R&D capacity and have been issued hundreds of patents new devlopment products.

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HUACI Group was founded in 1905 as a state owned factory. In 1985, we began the research and development of colorful stoneware and has been the leader in this field. Now, HUACI Group has 8 factories with about 6500 employees. Its turnover in 2010 is about RMB800 million and about 70% is from exporting. It has been the biggest exporter in ceramics in China since 2004.

Custom OEM Dinerware Set

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Our Custom Ceramic facilities include Design & Application Services to meet the varied needs of industry, research & academia in dinnerware business.

We specialize in mission-critical ceramics for challenging environments. Delivering on complex challenges that other manufacturers avoid, we engineer the finest quality ceramics in any industry, then make them strong, durable, and precise.

Our Products.

HUACI Group have successfully worked with those clients from Japan, USA, and Europe for developing & manufacturing their custom ceramic projects on our custom products, giftware, dinnerware, arts & crafts, ornaments & decorations, bathroom accessories, mugs, dishes, cups & saucers, tea pots & tea sets, jars & canisters, shakers, plates & trays, photo frames, figurines, vases, bells, coasters, bobbing heads, hinged boxes, flower pots, votives, knobs, souvenir items, candle holders.

About Us.

Rapid Technical Ceramic Prototyping

We typically reply to quotes for custom technical ceramic parts within 48 hours (depending on the complexity) and have our materials in stock to ensure quick product turn-around. 

Ultimate Flexibility | We Work With You

We use our many years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and applying advanced technical ceramic materials across a variety of industries to create the best solution for our customers unique needs. 

Scalable Production

We are happy to produce any quantity of items, from one-off prototypes up to large production runs, we have the facilities to meet our customers diverse requirements. 

North America35%
Western Europe35%
Southeast Asia80%

We respect nature and are grateful for what nature has given us. We continue the tradition of refinement and craftsmanship in ceramics.

 News & Update

Technical Ceramic Machining & More

Ceramics has extensive in-house grinding, turning, milling, and cutting facilities and can provide polishing, lapping, metalizing, brazing and joining upon customer request.

A wonderful design has

We have over 20 years of experience developing technical ceramic solutions for a wide variety of ceramcs products put our ceramic material and ceramic knowledge to work for you.

A Better Quality Standard

High-quality & accurate parts are essential to our customers; we use the latest in ceramic measurement technology to ensure all of our products meet or exceed specifications.

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